Eucalyptus Essential Oil 0.5 oz

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It’s greatness can only be seen in its vast number of uses. It’s antimicrobial. That means it kills bacteria, fungus, and pathogens to prevent and treat many infections.

Uses and directions:

Opens lungs and sinuses completely: Diffuse or rub on chest and neck. Increases oxygen intake and improves breathing.

Decongestant: Removes Mucus from lungs and sinus. Diffuse or rub on chest and neck. Will drain your sinuses and cause you to cough up the mucus in your lungs.

Treats bronchitis: diffuse or breathe vapor.

Headaches: rub on temples and foreheads, back of head and on neck.

Muscle and Joint pain: rub on muscles and joints 2 or 3 times a day. Use a few drops or add to a carrier.

Increase Blood circulation: aid in healthy blood circulation by massaging directly onto muscles.

Hair Growth: aids in hair growth by increasing blood flow to hair roots.

Repels Insects, rats, and mosquitos

Diffuse to: boost your immune system, improve breathing and boost your energy, improve clarity, relive sore throat, relieve headaches

Prevent cavities and bad breath: gargle 2 drops with water and spit. Do no ingest.