Natural Deodorant - Organic Vegan NO aluminum 2 oz

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Ingredients: Unrefined Coconut Oil, Premium Shea Butter, Arrow Root Powder, Candelilla Wax, Tea Tree Essential Oil. 

Cedarwood Orange Ingredients: Same as above. Add Cedarwood Essential Oil and Orange Essential Oil. 

Organic. Vegan. NO aluminum, NO GMOs, NO Parabens, NO Phythalates, NO Propylene glycol.

Get rid of those yucky antiperspirants full of that aluminum that intoxicates our bodies.

Use an all-natural deodorant with tea tree essential oil as the active ingredient. It kills the bacteria that causes the stinky smell. Our Natural Deodorant does not block bacteria up inside you clogging you up like traditional antiperspirants does nor does it mix up stank and smell good like deodorants in the store without real funk control.

Clean your body and pores and sweat clean. Clean sweat evaporates away. Its not full of yucky body waist like when using the traditional stuff. Arrow root powder controls moisture and tea tree keeps you smelling clean. Available in one of our signature scents online or come over and see our seasonal special scents available in limited quantity for a limited time.

If you’re switching over for the first time, start with our Armpit Detox Spray. It’s strongly recommended if you want a successful switch over.


Tea Tree, Cedarwood Orange