'Switch to Natural' Gift Set - Armpit Detox and Natural Deodorant

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Switch to Natural Gift Set - Armpit Detox and Natural Deodorant

Challenges: You or anyone you know currently uses or wants to switch to Natural deodorant?

Have you tried Natural deodorant and it didn't work? 

Problems solved: This "Switch to Natural" gift set includes 'Armpit Detox' spray that's necessary for detoxing your pits before you start wearing Natural deodorant. 

Problem: When you Switch to a Natural deodorant for the 1st time, the deodorant doesn't work for you. 

Aluminum containing deodorants work by plugging the pores under your arm to block any sweat from coming out. The problem is, our bodies sweat to detox and most of the sweating comes from our armpits. That's a lot of toxins held in the body that can't get out. When the aluminum containing deodorants wears off, what comes out your armpits is old, toxic, and rancid. It's like taking the top off an old, unwashed pot of food. U don't smell it when covered, smell fills the room if uncovered. Just like your armpits.

That blockage causes pussing, yellowing, stankiness, yuk! And many people experience painful bumps under or around their armpit or increased acne. 

How to use Armpit Detox Spray: Detox your armpits 1st. Use the Armpit detox as a deodorant. This has powerful Natural ingredients that's strong enough to kill all the mess that's coming out of your armpit. Natural deodorants aren't strong enough to handle that old, backed up toxins alone. You'll spray the Armpit Detox under your arms. THEN KEEP IT WITH U ALL DAY. Every time you get funky again, spray again. The funk will be eliminated by the detox spray. You'll need to spray often the 1st few days (every couple hours). If you spray and the funk smell doesn't go away, then wash your armpits again (usually 3 times a day is needed: morning, afternoon, evening). That means there's an excess amount of toxins piled up under your arm and the spray isn't enough to kill it alone. Use as deodorant for at least one week if you're vegan; at least 2 weeks if your a meat eater. The toxic, funk smell goes away after about 3 days. But continue to use until the minim time has passed. 

What to expect after use:  Sweat contains mostly salt and water so you'll sweat clean after detoxing your armpits. It won't smell anymore like funk. The color of your sweat is clear and it won't stain your clothes yellow anymore. Natural Deodorant will work now. If you couldn't take a shower, your natural deodorant would last more than 2 days! (I couldn't test it longer than that, lol.)

How to use Natural Deodorant: You can continue to use the armpit detox as a deodorant if you like. When using the natural deodorant bar, just apply to freshly cleaned armpits. That's it! It'll keep you feeling clean and funk free all day! If you sweat? Its just clean water! It'll dry clean without any smell or stains on your clothes. 

Other benefits of Armpit Detox Spray: Its an "EVERYWHERE" Deodorant! Under your "front sisters", between the legs (girls or guys), feet, clothes, everything! It's powered with Lavender Essential Oils and Rosemary Essential Oils! Lavender is a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial; those help detox pores everywhere on the body, helps treat acne, helps balance vaginal pH; helps with insect bites, diaper rashes, and more.

Armpit Detox Details:

  • Size:  2 oz
  • Mist Spray Bottle with cap
  • Ingredients: Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil

Natural Deodorant - Tea Tree Details:

  • Size: 2.2 oz
  • Twist-up Tube with Cap
  • Ingredients: Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil, Premium Shea Butter, Arrowroot Powder, Candelilla Wax (Vegan Wax), Tea Tree Essential Oil