'Eczema Relief' Gift Set - Premium Whipped Shea Butter, Raw African Black Soap, Loofa

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  • Gift Set Includes: Premium Whipped Shea Butter, Raw African Black Soap, and a Loofa packaged together in a black, clear-view gift container.
  • Premium Whipped Shea Butter is 8 oz. liquid. weight. Unscented - No fragrance oils added.
  • Raw African Black soap is close to 4 oz (slightly varies)
  • Loofa, color and size may vary slightly.
  • Package weighs 14 oz.

This little gift set packs a punch against dry or problem skin and eczema. These 3 items are all you need to start your natural bath set when you see all the uses of these powerful natural products.

Premium Shea Butter:

Helps induce healing of eczema, helps treat dry skin and psoriasis, helps skin heal faster from tattoos or scars, mildly helps with arthritis pain and reducing wrinkles on skin. Its safe for sensitive skin, pregnant women, and babies.

Raw African Black Soap:

Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. This is a raw, natural, charcoal soap. No cutting, mix-ins, or pretty processing with ingredients that can irritate your skin like other black soaps on the market. Its safe and recommended for pregnant women and babies too. It detoxes the skin naturally by pulling out impurities deep in the pours. It helps induce skin renewal and removes old skin cells; like a liquid microdermabrasion treatment. Recommended for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. 

How to Use: Rub the bar of soap on a cloth or loofa to form a lather, then bathe. NEVER rub a natural black soap bar directly against the skin. Its naturally made from burned shea tree bark and plantain leaves in West Africa. Debris from the cooking process could possible be in the bar of soap, like tiny pieces of stem or bark that didn't burn down completely.