DH Naturals LLC

DHNaturals was birthed from my natural hair salon, Distinguished Hair LLC, that I operate from home now for 17 years full-time. I'm a Master Loctician, Master Braider, Master Weaver, a financial planner, a homesteader, a vegan, a life coach and an herbalist, and I'm always sharing knowledge and advice that provide a holistic wellness, over, inside and out; NOT just outer beauty. The DIY advice I freely share with everyone was met with challenges by clients, family, and friends as they struggled to find quality natural ingredients and quality herbs to produce their remedies and treatments and the demand for those pure, natural products, knowledge, and advice grew beyond what I could handle alone. So I created an online platform to manage all this sharing!

All products are artisan quality and created in small batches by hand using fair trade, vegan, non GMO, high grade, raw materials. For packaging, we use either glass, PET recycled plastics, or sustainable containers to minimize our carbon impact. Our products and ingredients are made in a kitchen that may process nuts. Please feel free to contact us with restrictions and we will whip something up just for you.